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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
AFSPC FE Warren AFB Wyoming Military 0
AFSPC Cheyenne Mountain AFS Colorado Military 146,247
AFSPC Buckley AFB Colorado Military 975,148
AFSOC Cannon AFB New Mexico Military 5,261,850
AFRES Westover ARB Massachusetts Military 0
AFMC Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio Military 1,958,461
AFMC Los Angeles AFB California Military 1,160,744
AFMC Kirtland AFB New Mexico Military 1,200,150
AFMC Hill AFB Utah Military 970,200
AFMC Hanscom AFB Massachusetts Military 714,150
AFMC Eglin Air Force Base Florida Military 126,000
AFMC Edwards AFB California Military 0
AFMC Arnold AFB Tennessee Military 18,000
AFDW Bolling AFB District of Columbia Military 54,900
AFDW Andrews AFB Maryland Military 502,294
AETC Tyndall AFB Florida Military 4,414,500
AETC Randolph AFB Texas Military 17,509
AETC Luke AFB Arizona Military 61,377
AETC Little Rock AFB Arkansas Military 565,672
AETC Lackland AFB Texas Military 25,888,815
AETC Goodfellow AFB Texas Military 98,550
AETC Columbus AFB Mississippi Military 38,134
AETC Altus AFB Oklahoma Military 3,114,752
AEP Texas Texas Utility 199,453
AEP Ohio Ohio Utility 9,406,949
Adrian Gibbs Roofing Contractors Industrial 0
ADJUGO Corporate 35,780
Adelphi University New York College/University 71,995
Adelaide City Council Local 39,443
Actus Lend Lease Tennessee Corporate 49,415
AcclimateUs, Inc. California Corporate 10,845
Access Energy Cooperative Iowa Electric Cooperative 3,593,314
Accelerated Innovations Minnesota Small Business 14,388
ACC Whiteman AFB Missouri Military 372,464
ACC Shaw AFB South Carolina Military 141,447
ACC Seymour Johnson AFB North Carolina Military 1,935,900
ACC Offutt AFB Nebraska Military 828,074
ACC Nellis AFB Nevada Military 28,788
ACC Mountain Home AFB Idaho Military 33,811
ACC Moody AFB Military 300,765
ACC Minot AFB North Dakota Military 444,387
ACC Langley AFB Virginia Military 1,413,124
ACC Holloman AFB New Mexico Military 1,002,310
ACC Ellsworth AFB South Dakota Military 55,506
ACC Dyess AFB Texas Military 0
ACC Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona Military 513,819
ACC Creech AFB Texas Military 23,131
ACC Beale AFB California Military 418,343
AcBel Polytech Inc. Industrial 40,101
AbsolutePower, Inc Virginia Industrial 0
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