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1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^
DOE - Office of Health, Safety, and Security Federal 83
DOE - Office of Fossil Energy District of Columbia Federal 1
DOE - Office of Environmental Management District of Columbia Federal 7
DOE - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy District of Columbia Federal 54
DOE - Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability District of Columbia Federal 18
DOE - Office of Economic Impact and Diversity District of Columbia Federal 2
DOE - Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management District of Columbia Federal 1
DOE - NNSA District of Columbia Federal 126
DOE - Energy Information Administration District of Columbia Federal 9
DOE - Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs District of Columbia Federal 5
DOE - Bonneville Power Administration District of Columbia Federal 417
Dodi Li BBG Ohio Religious/Spiritual 6
DJ Peeney Builders New York Small Business 35
District Department of the Environment (DDOE) District of Columbia Local 44
Discount Tire Company Arizona Corporate 0
Direct Energy Florida K-12 91
Dillwyn Correctional Center Virginia State 0
Dickman Supply, Inc. Ohio Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 5
DHS ICE District of Columbia Federal 23
DG Enterprises Kentucky Religious/Spiritual 0
Detroit Arsenal Michigan Military 2
Desert Ridge Junior High School Arizona K-12 0
Department of Veterans Affairs VISN 1 Maine Federal 193
Department of Veterans Affairs - Portland VA Medical Center Oregon Federal 107
Department of the Treasury-Departmental Offices District of Columbia Federal 429
Department of the Treasury-Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) District of Columbia Federal 220
Department of the Treasury District of Columbia Federal 2,567
Department of Rehabilitative Services Virginia State 8
Department of Motor Vehicles California College/University 129
Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy Virginia State 1,159
Department of Military Affairs Virginia State 5
Department of Justice District of Columbia Federal 323
Department of Homeland Security District of Columbia Federal 1
Department of General Services Virginia State 2
Department of Game & Inland Fisheries Virginia State 1
Department of Environmental Quality Virginia State 232
Department of Education Virginia State 113
Department of Defense District of Columbia Federal 42,501
Department of Conservation & Recreation Virginia State 94
Department of Aviation Virginia State 1
Department of Alcoholic & Beverage Control Virginia State 1
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Virginia State 65
DEMA/Arizona National Guard Arizona Military 0
Delmarva Power District of Columbia Utility 4,458
Deanza/Foothill Community College California College/University, Student/Club 4
Dawson Public Power District Nebraska Utility 76
Davis Community Housing Authority Utah Federal, Local, Other, State, Quasi-Government 0
David Berger AZA Ohio Religious/Spiritual, Student/Club 1
David Ben Gurion AZA Ohio Religious/Spiritual, Student/Club 0
Dauphin County, PA Pennsylvania Local 6
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