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1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^
US HUD - Richmond Virginia Federal 4
US EPA/ERT New Jersey College/University, Federal 23
US Dept. HUD - Orlando Field Office Florida Federal 2
US Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca Arizona Military 1
University of Virginia Virginia College/University, State 17
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Tennessee College/University 5
University of Nevada Las Vegas Nevada College/University 69
University of Massachusetts - Amherst Massachusetts College/University 0
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Columbus, Georgia Georgia College/University 13
University of Alaska SIFE Alaska College/University 0
University Center of Chicago Illinois College/University, Other, Non Profit Student Housing 276
Universalist Unitarian Church of Haverhill, MA Massachusetts Religious/Spiritual 0
Universal Window Solutions Florida Corporate 0
Unity Learning Environments New Jersey Environmental/Energy, K-12 0
United Way of Greater Union County New Jersey College/University, Other, Community-based Social Services 0
United Church of Christ - Diamond Bar, CA California Religious/Spiritual 1
Union Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OH) Ohio Electric Cooperative 8
Union Power Cooperative North Carolina Electric Cooperative 385
Unified Government of Wyandotte Co. - Kansas City, Kansas Kansas Local 121
UMB Financial Corporation Missouri Corporate 273
UA Social Work Project Alabama Student/Club 51
U.S. HUD Region X Seattle Washington Federal 101
U.S. HUD Region III Philadelphia Pennsylvania Federal 23
U.S. HUD Lubbock, TX Texas Federal 26
U.S. HUD Jacksonville Field Office Florida Federal 18
U.S. HUD Columbia Field Office South Carolina Federal 15
U.S. HUD - Tulsa Field Office Oklahoma Federal 52
U.S. HUD - San Antonio Field Office Texas Federal 57
U.S. HUD - Oklahoma City Field Office Oklahoma Federal 37
U.S. HUD - Miami Field Office Florida Federal 587
U.S. HUD - Louisville Field Office Kentucky Federal 132
U.S. HUD - Little Rock Field Office Arkansas Federal 25
U.S. HUD - KNOXVILLE Tennessee Federal 22
U.S. HUD - Houston, TX Office Texas Federal 21
U.S. HUD - Fort Worth Regional Office Texas Federal 148
U.S. HUD - Dallas Field Office Texas Federal 7
U.S. HUD - Birmingham Office Alabama Federal 101
U.S. HUD - Albuquerque Field Office New Mexico Federal 16
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region Massachusetts Federal 1
U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response State 7
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 150
U.S. Department of Transportation District of Columbia Federal 74
U.S. Department of Education District of Columbia College/University, Federal, K-12 22
U.S. Department of Commerce District of Columbia Federal 1,681
U.S. Department of Agriculture Maryland Federal 223
U. S. EPA Region 3 Pennsylvania Federal 77
U. S. Department of HUD-Nashville Tennessee Federal 3
U. S. Department of Homeland Security District of Columbia Federal 95
TxDOT Texas State 87
Trumbull Community Women Connecticut Other, Community 6