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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Userful Corporate 113,147
Utah Interfaith Power & Light Utah Religious/Spiritual 2,250
Utah Clean Energy Utah Environmental/Energy 33,152
U.S. DHHS /Region VI Texas Federal 0
U.S. HUD - Memphis Office Tennessee Federal 7,441
U. S. EPA Region 3 Pennsylvania Federal 283,047
University of Central Oklahoma Oklahoma College/University 28,781
University at Albany New York College/University 0
US Tech Solutions New Jersey Small Business 0
University of Michigan Michigan College/University 594,720
University of Maryland Maryland College/University 321,527
University of Maine at Farmington Maine College/University 52,847
University of Illinois Illinois College/University 59,351
USDA, FNS, SERO, WIC Georgia Federal 93,545
USDA, FNS, SERO, SNP Georgia Federal 241,858
USDA, FNS, SERO, SNAP Georgia Federal 266,623
USDA, FNS, SERO, RAO Georgia Federal 37,843
USDA, FNS, SERO, FO Georgia Federal 48,417
USDA, FNS, SERO, FM Georgia Federal 45,110
USDA, FNS, SERO Georgia Federal 733,396
University of Florida Florida College/University 207,508
USDC Southern District of Florida Florida Federal 2,180
USDA Headquarters District of Columbia Federal 1,412,886
Univ CT College of Agriculture Connecticut College/University 890,500
UCLA California College/University 76,099
UC San Diego California College/University 251,125
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 12,848