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1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^
U.S. Department of Commerce District of Columbia Federal 1,681
U.S. HUD - Miami Field Office Florida Federal 587
Union Power Cooperative North Carolina Electric Cooperative 385
Utah Clean Energy Utah Environmental/Energy 352
University Center of Chicago Illinois College/University, Other, Non Profit Student Housing 276
UMB Financial Corporation Missouri Corporate 273
USAA Real Estate Company Massachusetts Corporate, Utility 241
U.S. Department of Agriculture Maryland Federal 223
USAA Realty - Chicago2111 Illinois Corporate 161
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 150
U.S. HUD - Fort Worth Regional Office Texas Federal 148
U.S. HUD - Louisville Field Office Kentucky Federal 132
Unified Government of Wyandotte Co. - Kansas City, Kansas Kansas Local 121
USAA Real Estate Company - 5055 Wilshire California Corporate, Other, Real Estate 104
USAA Real Estate Company-Stratum Executive Center Texas Corporate 103
USAA Realty - GTECH Center Massachusetts Corporate 102
U.S. HUD - Birmingham Office Alabama Federal 101
U.S. HUD Region X Seattle Washington Federal 101
U. S. Department of Homeland Security District of Columbia Federal 95
Utah Interfaith Power & Light Utah Religious/Spiritual 94
U. S. EPA Region 3 Pennsylvania Federal 77
U.S. Department of Transportation District of Columbia Federal 74
University of Nevada Las Vegas Nevada College/University 69
USAA Realty Company - Nashville Tennessee Corporate 65
U.S. HUD - San Antonio Field Office Texas Federal 57
U.S. HUD - Tulsa Field Office Oklahoma Federal 52
UA Social Work Project Alabama Student/Club 51
U.S. HUD - Oklahoma City Field Office Oklahoma Federal 37
USCG Airstation Clearwater Florida Military 35
U.S. HUD Lubbock, TX Texas Federal 26
U.S. HUD - Little Rock Field Office Arkansas Federal 25
U.S. HUD Region III Philadelphia Pennsylvania Federal 23
US EPA/ERT New Jersey College/University, Federal 23
U.S. Department of Education District of Columbia College/University, Federal, K-12 22
U.S. HUD - KNOXVILLE Tennessee Federal 22
U.S. HUD - Houston, TX Office Texas Federal 21
U.S. HUD Jacksonville Field Office Florida Federal 18
University of Virginia Virginia College/University, State 17
U.S. HUD - Albuquerque Field Office New Mexico Federal 16
U.S. HUD Columbia Field Office South Carolina Federal 15
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Columbus, Georgia Georgia College/University 13
Union Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OH) Ohio Electric Cooperative 8
U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste & Emergency Response State 7
U.S. HUD - Dallas Field Office Texas Federal 7
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Tennessee College/University 5
US HUD - Richmond Virginia Federal 4
U. S. Department of HUD-Nashville Tennessee Federal 3
US Dept. HUD - Orlando Field Office Florida Federal 2
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region Massachusetts Federal 1
US Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca Arizona Military 1
1 2