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743 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^
UnitedHealth Group / CB Richard Ellis New York Business/Corporation 380
U.S. Department of Energy District of Columbia Government (any level) 368
U. S. EPA Region 3 Pennsylvania Federal 281
U.S. EPA Region 6 Texas Government (any level) 274
U.S. HUD Region VI Fort Worth Texas Government (any level) 262
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Headquarters District of Columbia Government (any level) 234
U.S. EPA Region 9 California Federal 195
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Sustainability Office Colorado Education (school/university) 192
U.S. HUD Region IV Atlanta Georgia Government (any level) 150
U.S. HUD Headquarters District of Columbia Government (any level) 144
Utah Clean Energy Utah Environmental/Energy 137
U.S. HUD - Oklahoma City Field Office Oklahoma Federal 122
University of Nevada Las Vegas Nevada College/University 115
U.S. HUD - Birmingham Office Alabama Federal 106
USET, Inc. Tennessee Non-profit Organization 105
U.S. HUD Region III Philadelphia Pennsylvania Federal 88
U.S. HUD Region X Seattle Washington Federal 88
Unity Church of Overland Park Kansas Non-profit Organization, Church 79
U.S. HUD - Memphis Office Tennessee Federal 73
U.S. HUD - Minnesota Office Minnesota Government (any level) 64
Univ of SC Office of Sustainability South Carolina Education (school/university) 59
U.S. Chamber of Commerce District of Columbia Non-profit Organization 53
U.S. HUD - Nashville Office Tennessee Government (any level) 53
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina Education (school/university) 47
U.S. HUD Region I Boston Massachusetts Government (any level) 46
U.S. HUD - Detroit Field Office Michigan Government (any level) 38
U.S. HUD - Little Rock Field Office Arkansas Federal 31
U.S. HUD Region IX San Francisco California Government (any level) 31
U.S. HUD Region VII Kansas City Kansas Government (any level) 31
U.S. HUD Region VIII Denver Colorado Government (any level) 26
U.S. HUD- Tampa Office Florida Government (any level) 26
U.S. HUD - Tulsa Field Office Oklahoma Federal 24
U.S. HUD - Los Angeles Field Office California Government (any level) 22
U.S. HUD Region II New York New York Government (any level) 20
U.S. Chamber of Commerce District of Columbia Trade Association 18
U.S. HUD Region V Chicago Illinois Government (any level) 16
US Army Aviation Center Alabama Government (any level) 15
US Dept. HUD - Orlando Field Office Florida Federal 12
U.S. Department of Transportation District of Columbia Federal 7
U.S. HUD - Utah Field Office Utah Government (any level) 6
Union Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OH) Ohio Electric Cooperative 6
Universalist Unitarian Church of Haverhill, MA Massachusetts Religious/Spiritual 5
U.S. HUD - Grand Rapids Michigan Government (any level) 3
University of Central Oklahoma Oklahoma College/University 3
University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas Education (school/university) 3
URI Renewable Energy Club Rhode Island Education (school/university) 2
UF/IFAS Citrus Co. Extension Florida Education (school/university), Government (any level) 1
Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association Utah Non-profit Organization 1