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696 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Izmir Air Base Military 0
IT-Dienstleistungszentrum Berlin Federal 0
It's Eco Time.com Arizona Small Business 0
Isle of Wight County, VA Virginia Local 459,228
Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Inter.... Wisconsin Religious/Spiritual 545,782
Intuit California Corporate 0
Inter County Energy Kentucky Electric Cooperative 0
IntelliGreen, L.L.C North Carolina Small Business 0
ING, State House Square, CT Connecticut Corporate 0
ING, St. Cloud, MN Minnesota Corporate 168,853
ING, Somerset, NJ New Jersey Corporate 41,885
ING, Quincy, MA Massachusetts Corporate 5,827
ING, Quadrant, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate 0
ING, Minot, ND North Dakota Corporate 133,839
ING, Lewiston, ME Maine Corporate 9,000
ING, El Segundo, CA California Corporate 695,722
ING, DMC, IA Iowa Corporate 141,577
ING, Denver, CO Colorado Corporate 37,339
ING, 230 Park, New York New York Corporate 542,538
ING Real Estate California Corporate 3,106,977
ING Clarion New York Corporate 0
Indiana NEED Project Indiana K-12 116,788
Incirlik Air Base Military 0
icologi Small Business 0