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743 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^
Focus on Energy Wisconsin Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 137
Format and Reload Virginia Online Bulletin Board 3
Fairfax County, VA Virginia Local 416
FEM Electric Association South Dakota Electric Cooperative 7
FedEx Freight (Community Outreach) Pennsylvania Corporate 4
Firelands Electric Cooperative Inc. Ohio Electric Cooperative 12
Fort Bragg North Carolina Military 12
Food Lion LLC North Carolina Corporate 321
Ferguson Enterprises Branch 16 North Carolina Seller of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting 2
French Village Apartments Nebraska Housing Provider 106
Flatwater Chapter Nebraska Non-profit Organization 1
Friendly Spray Foam Minnesota Industrial/Manufacturer 0
Fresh Energy Minnesota Non-profit Organization 26
Ford Motor Company Michigan Industrial 4,536
First United Methodist, North Andover Massachusetts Congregation/Small Business 20
FRIES (Friends of Ipswich Elementary) Massachusetts Education (school/university) 0
Frontier Housing Kentucky Other, affordable housing solutions 2
Friends of Westport Kentucky Non-profit Organization 5
Ferrel Construction, Inc. Iowa Business/Corporation, Congregation/Small Business 16
Fermilab Illinois Government (any level), High Energy Physics Laboratory 152
Florida State University Florida Education (school/university) 183
FSU Interior Design Florida Education (school/university), Interior Design 1
FLA. A&M UNIVERSITY GREEN CAMPUS GROUP Florida Education (school/university) 6
Fontana Key Clubs California Non-profit Organization 2
Flex Your Power California Non-profit Organization 78
Fulbright Elementary School Arkansas K-12 67
FedEx Freight Arkansas Corporate 879