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743 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type Total Pledges v
FedEx Freight Arkansas Corporate 879
Fulbright Elementary School Arkansas K-12 67
Flex Your Power California Non-profit Organization 78
Fontana Key Clubs California Non-profit Organization 2
FLA. A&M UNIVERSITY GREEN CAMPUS GROUP Florida Education (school/university) 6
FSU Interior Design Florida Education (school/university), Interior Design 1
Florida State University Florida Education (school/university) 183
Fermilab Illinois Government (any level), High Energy Physics Laboratory 152
Ferrel Construction, Inc. Iowa Business/Corporation, Congregation/Small Business 16
Friends of Westport Kentucky Non-profit Organization 5
Frontier Housing Kentucky Other, affordable housing solutions 2
FRIES (Friends of Ipswich Elementary) Massachusetts Education (school/university) 0
First United Methodist, North Andover Massachusetts Congregation/Small Business 20
Ford Motor Company Michigan Industrial 4,536
Fresh Energy Minnesota Non-profit Organization 26
Friendly Spray Foam Minnesota Industrial/Manufacturer 0
Flatwater Chapter Nebraska Non-profit Organization 1
French Village Apartments Nebraska Housing Provider 106
Ferguson Enterprises Branch 16 North Carolina Seller of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting 2
Food Lion LLC North Carolina Corporate 321
Fort Bragg North Carolina Military 12
Firelands Electric Cooperative Inc. Ohio Electric Cooperative 12
FedEx Freight (Community Outreach) Pennsylvania Corporate 4
FEM Electric Association South Dakota Electric Cooperative 7
Fairfax County, VA Virginia Local 416
Format and Reload Virginia Online Bulletin Board 3
Focus on Energy Wisconsin Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 137