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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
c1 Systems Small Business 3,534
CyberPharm Ltd Small Business 0
Credo Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Small Business 0
Credit Card Finder Small Business 10,570
Creative Riot Software Small Business 0
Combined Technology UK Ltd Industrial 0
Charterhouse Corporate 900
Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. Industrial 22,521
California State University, Chico-Green Campus College/University 104,217
COTESA SA Small Business 0
CONTEC Co.,ltd. Corporate 0
CARRERA SYSTEMS Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0
City of Auburn Washington Local 42,845
CSC Virginia Corporate 0
City of Arlington, Texas Texas Local 558,365
CPS Energy Texas Utility 101,737
Clinton County Middle School Tennessee K-12 856,499
CLIMACTIVA Puerto Rico Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0
Carlisle Barracks Pennsylvania Military 0
Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. Pennsylvania Small Business 31,967
Conscious Computers Oregon Small Business 0
Climate Savers Computing Initiative Oregon Environmental/Energy 8,952,439
CoolPass Ohio Small Business 0
Columbia Gas of Ohio Ohio Utility 1,203,012
Cleveland Clinic Ohio Other, Healthcare 585,226
Care Alliance Health Center Ohio Other, Health Care 54,051
Consider Design, PA North Carolina Small Business 0
Cary Academy North Carolina K-12 292,725
Cornell University New York College/University 118,168
Columbia University New York College/University 27,710
CIR Electrical Construction Corp. New York Corporate 16,373
CGI New York Corporate 951,036
CwCastle Associates New Jersey Corporate 57,011
Cranford Environmental Commission New Jersey Local 2,231,651
City of Trenton, New Jersey New Jersey Local 511,650
City of Ocean City, NJ New Jersey Local 224,100
City of Newark New Jersey Local 6,471,875
City of Long Branch New Jersey Local 16,232,556
City of Jersey New Jersey Local 603,202
City of Elizabeth New Jersey Local 483,558
Cherry Hill Township New Jersey Local 127,778
Central Regional School District New Jersey K-12 15,260
Cape May City Council/Energy Commission and Planning Board New Jersey Local 289,350
Caldwell Environmental Commission / The Town of Caldwell,NJ New Jersey Local 166,500
County of Monroe Michigan Local 0
Core Products Group Michigan Small Business 0
City of Linden, Michigan Michigan Local 4,192
Consumer United Massachusetts Utility 112,715
City of Boston Massachusetts Local 89,268
Cape Light Compact Massachusetts Local 28,221
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