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810 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^
Boost Promotional Products Small Business 0
Beauty In Motion Industrial 0
BAREMOS IT GmbH Small Business 0
Boeing Seattle, Plant 2, NBF Washington Industrial 74,222
Boeing Renton Washington Industrial 0
Boeing Kent Space Center Washington Industrial 85,063
Boeing Everett Washington Industrial 909,971
Boeing Developmental Center / Military Flight Center Washington Industrial 25,378
Boeing Bellevue Washington Industrial 60,740
Boeing Auburn/Frederickson Washington Industrial 324,216
Boeing - SeaTac, WA Washington Industrial 306,398
Boeing Washington Industrial 25,708,682
Beyond Nines Washington Small Business 0
Be Smart Energy Education Washington K-12 140,695
Boeing San Antonio Texas Industrial 360,081
Boeing Houston Texas Industrial 2,476,441
BOMA Austin Texas Trade/Membership 1,007,749
Black Hills Power South Dakota Utility 71,405
Boeing Philadelphia Pennsylvania Industrial 2,755,026
Bay Harbor Insulation Pennsylvania Small Business 0
Boeing Heath Ohio Industrial 1,609,630
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Ohio Corporate 44,375
BreezePlay North Carolina Corporate 361,887
Bank of America North Carolina Corporate 10,934,804
Back2BasicsTutoring North Carolina K-12 19,271
Blue Ridge Community College, Students in Free Enterprise New York Trade/Membership 0
Brittany Capalbo - Troop 642 New Jersey Student/Club 389,250
Borough of Rutherford New Jersey Local 132,750
Borough of Ocean Gate New Jersey Local 12,150
Borough of Lodi New Jersey Local 40,950
Borough of Belmar New Jersey Local 759,850
Borough of Barrington New Jersey Local 40,013
Borough of Avalon New Jersey Local 149,850
Bordentown City Environmental Commission New Jersey Environmental/Energy 43,805
Bob Quicksell Home Improvements New Jersey Small Business 0
Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission New Jersey Local 409,671
Belle Terrace Nebraska Small Business 3,707
Boeing St. Louis Missouri Industrial/Manufacturer 8,532,437
Best Buy Territory 8 Minnesota Corporate 3,609,557
Best Buy Territory 7 Minnesota Corporate 2,782,102
Best Buy Territory 6 Minnesota Corporate 4,633,010
Best Buy Territory 5 Minnesota Corporate 6,934,726
Best Buy Territory 4 Minnesota Corporate 1,663,950
Best Buy Territory 3 Minnesota Corporate 164,393
Best Buy Territory 2 Minnesota Corporate 7,185,456
Best Buy Territory 1 Minnesota Corporate 1,171,573
Best Buy D61 Green Team Minnesota Corporate 372,440
Best Buy Minnesota Corporate 44,679,674
Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School Louisiana K-12 713,124
Bullitt County Public Schools Kentucky K-12 0
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