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Organizations across the U.S. and Canada play a key role in bringing the campaign to individuals far and wide, and help mark ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day by organizing activities, events, government proclamations, or store promotions around energy-efficient lighting.

Search the activity database below for ideas on what you could do to get involved in the Campaign or to find partners in your area with whom to collaborate. Register your Campaign Activity to have it added to the database.

Contact our campaign staff to change an activity already listed.


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Student outreach/education
Employee outreach/education
Customer outreach/education
Membership/network outreach
Other community outreach
Organization-wide Pledge (ex: changing 1,000 lights in our building/s)
ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day event (on or around October 3, 2007)
Issuing Proclamation of ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day
Other public event
Media outreach
Web education
In-store promotion
Advertising (TV, radio, print, etc.)

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Seller of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting
Other Retailer
Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting
Trade Association
Energy Efficiency Program/Utility
Education (school/university)
Electric Cooperative
Government (any level)
Congregation/Small Business
Non-profit Organization