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Join the Fight Against Climate Change

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The Lorax

To save the earth,
    the LORAX shows you
That kids can help
    and it's easy to do.

Turn off lights, TVs,
    and things you won't use
Save energy with your computer —
    set it to snooze.

Get your friends and your family
    to all do their part
Just look for the ENERGY STAR —
    the best way to start.

Let's show greedy Once-lers
    what is right
Against climate change,
    join EPA in the fight!

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Tell us what you or your organization is doing to help fight climate change.

In Your Community

In addition to making a difference in the fight against climate change at home and at work, you can make a difference in your community. EPA is proud to partner with DoSomething.org, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and PTO Today to reach America's youth and encourage them to get out and "Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR." Learn about projects that have grown out of these partnerships as well as ways you can join the movement and become involved in your own community.



DoSomething.org, in partnership with EPA's ENERGY STAR program, has launched an initiative that encourages young people to make long-lasting energy-efficient changes at home and in their communities. DoSomething.org is one of the largest organizations in the United States that helps young people rock causes they care about. By leveraging the Web, television, mobile, and pop culture, DoSomething.org inspires, empowers, and celebrates a generation of doers: teenagers who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action. Part of this initiative, eMission is a unique Facebook game from DoSomething.org with a social mission�to increase energy efficiency and fight climate change offline.

Learn more about eMission and award opportunities from DoSomething.org

Boys and Girls Club of America


As part of the U.S. EPA's Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign, EPA has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, since Earth Day 2009, to support Clubs that are participating in community service projects related to energy efficiency. One hundred Clubs have participated in ENERGY STAR projects as of March 2011, with projects ranging from home energy check-ups to community energy fairs. Below are a selection of Clubs that have recently completed ENERGY STAR projects.

See photos of Boys and Girls Clubs who participated with ENERGY STAR

Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a national organization whose mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. BGCA annually serves 4.2 million young people through membership and outreach in more than 4,100 clubs.

Learn More about the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Exit ENERGY STAR

School Family Media


PTO Today focuses exclusively on providing school parent groups with the tools, resources and expert insight they need to welcome, engage and serve all families at schools throughout the U.S. Through EPA's nationwide partnership with PTO Today, local Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs and PTAs) at K–8 schools across the country will host Go Green Nights — school-based events that teach kids and their families about energy efficiency in fun and engaging ways. Thousands of schools in all 50 states have already signed up to host a night.

All school leaders are encouraged to order a free Go Green Night kit — including soup-to-nuts planning guidelines and a list of equipment and supplies needed to run educational activities that focus on protecting our environment.

Learn how your school can order a kit today! Exit ENERGY STAR

local events house


EPA's Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign encourages Americans to join in the fight against climate change. To help spread the word, EPA works with organizations to host events featuring a custom-built interactive exhibit modeled after an energy-efficient home showing examples of the many ways you can save energy, money, and help protect the environment. See where this year's events were held.

Interested in hosting an event with the Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR Tour Exhibit House in 2010? Contact us at changetheworld@energystar.gov

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