ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Organizations and Stories

Consider working with these Challenge participant organizations to find local solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. To view the background story for each participant, select the organization name.

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Organization Participant Type current sort Location Contact Name Contact Phone Number
Arkansas Department of Information Systems State Government  Arkansas  Debbie L. Martin 501-682-5203 
California State Government  California  Michael Langley 916-376-5991 
California Department of Justice State Government  California  Linda Brughelli 916-327-7864 
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) State Government  Ohio  Dave Wycuff 614-752-9777 
Colorado Governor's Energy Office State Government  Colorado  Angie Fyfe 303-866-2059 
Commonwealth of Virginia State Government  Virginia  John Broughton 804-692-3234 
DPW Environmental Division State Government  Alaska  Wayne Tolliver 907-361-7724 
Delaware State Government  Delaware  Jenefer Russum 302-739-1530 
Energy Center of Wisconsin State Government  Wisconsin  Taylor Walker 608-238-8276 
Energy Efficient Schools Initiative TN State Government  Tennessee  Sandy Cunningham 615-532-8273 
Flex Your Power - California State Government  California  Shaun Ellis 415-771-7571 
Florida State Government  Florida  Michael Ohlsen 850-245-2450 
Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) State Government  Florida  Tina Morgan 407-245-0510 
Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Legal Services State Government  Florida  Regina Keenan 850-413-4236 
Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) State Government  Florida  Tarek M. Fahmy 407-629-6900 
Florida Public Utilities Company State Government  Florida  Joe Eysie 561-838-1745 
Georgia State Government  Georgia  Cyrus Bhedwar 404-584-1077 
Hawaii State Government  Hawaii  Gail Suzuki-Jones 808-587-3802 
Haydon Burns Building State Government  Florida  Howard Jemison 850-414-4093 
IUB-OCA State Government  Iowa  Carey Nagle 517-974-6462 
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