ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date Joined: September 09, 2009

Western Michigan University is a dynamic, student-centered research university with an enrollment of 25,000. WMU is focused on delivering high-quality undergraduate instruction, advancing its growing graduate division and fostering significant research activities. The Western Michigan University community is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable campus. Consistent with the University's mission to "advance responsible environmental stewardship," we affirm our commitment to foster:

�  Environmental awareness
�  Understanding of and responsibility for the physical environment
�  Just and ecologically sustainable resource use
�  Sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of future generations
�  Global thinking with local action.

As a learning institution, we appreciate that planning for sustainability will be an ongoing, intellectually engaging process.
Identify how (i.e. press releases, events, web pages) you are specifically communicating the benefits of energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR to your community.

The Presidents University-wide Sustainability Committee (PUSC), comprised of a cross section of faculty, staff, and students, is charged with the task of researching, implementing, and advertising all sustainable activities that take place on campus. The PUSC participates in campus events such as First Year experience, a required freshman class introducing students to an array of topics, Bronco Bash, a welcome back festival for Western Michigan University students, faculty, staff, and for the local community and puts on various other events throughout the school year to promote sustainable living such as an all organic and local lunch. Another method of communicating with the campus community includes maintaining our website dedicated to promoting all things sustainable at WMU including energy and water conservation tips, sustainable initiatives taken on by specific departments, environmental and energy research projects, and environmentally interests student organizations.

What EPA resources (i.e. Energy Guidelines, and training opportunities, etc.) are you sharing with building owners to help them improve the energy efficiency of their buildings?

The Facilities Management Department is consistently upgrading the efficiency of their buildings by blending advanced technology with innovative best practices marking it as an environmental leader in
Campus Facilities. Campus policy now states that all appliances must meet EPA ENERGY STAR standards. A recent initiative to buy back energy hogging CRT computer monitors and replace them with efficient ENERGY STAR LED monitors highlights the commitment to provide commitment Energy Management to the campus community.

Contact Information:
Peter Strazdas
269-387-8584 (phone) (email)