ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

City of Alton, IL
Alton, Illinois
Date Joined: September 08, 2009

The City of Alton is an incorporated municipality in southwestern Illinois.  Alton has been in existence since 1837 and currently has a population of approximately 30,000.  The City has the following departments:  Building and Zoning, Development and Housing, City Clerk's Office, Civil Service, Comptroller, Fire Department, Legal Department, Mayor's Office, Parks and Recreation, Personnel, Police Department, Public Works, and Treasurer's Office.  The City will target residents, businesses, and itself in promoting energy efficiency.  The City will use its website, press releases to local newspapers and the local radio station, brochures at local events, and the actions of the Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Committee to communicate the benefits of energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR to the community.  The City of Alton will attempt to share any EPA resources, that it is aware of, with building owners to help them improve the energy efficiency of their building(s).  

Contact Information:
Matthew Asselmeier
618-463-3500 (phone) (email)