ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Aurora Health Care
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date Joined: November 04, 2008

Aurora Health Care is a not-for-profit health care system located in eastern Wisconsin and headquartered in Milwaukee. The system has 13 hospitals, over 100 clinics and more than 140 community pharmacies. One of the core values at Aurora Health Care is that we believe in responsibly managing resources, which not only helps us to find new ways to manage and reduce the cost of health care, but it helps us to be effective stewards of the environment and our valuable natural resources.

Our key audiences of our energy management plans are our caregivers, our patients and the communities we serve. We are currently developing an Aurora Health Care Green Internet site to communicate our success stories with the public. A secured section of this new section of our website will also be used by our internal audiences to track results and share resources. Using existing vehicles such as internal publications and local media, we intend to keep our caregivers, patients and our communities updated in our successes.

There are several EPA resources we will be and are utilizing to reach our goals as an organization. Some of the key resources we are using as we launch this initiative are tracking our energy use with ENERGY STAR, using the EPA's Financial Value Calculator and the Building Upgrade Value Calculator to assist us with capital planning. In an effort to better analyze our facilities we are also working with our local Focus On Energy Group.

Partnership with ENERGY STAR and participating in the ENERGY STAR  Challenge will provide Aurora Health Care a path to successful energy conservation as well as enhance our dedication to our core value of responsibly managing resources.

Contact Information:
Michael Pabich
414-328-6025 (phone) (email)