ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Softchoice Corp.
Toronto, Ontario
Date Joined: September 25, 2008

As one of North America's leading providers of technology solutions and services, Softchoice helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to select, acquire and manage their software and hardware technology resources. One of the most important ways for organizations to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations is through the adoption of green technology strategies. Softchoice is committed to enabling this process by making it simple and cost-effective for customers to do what's right for their business and for the planet. Softchoice offers a full range of capabilities, including face-to-face "Green IT" consultations and comprehensive online resources dedicated to energy efficiency at a desktop and data center level. We help show our customers that focusing on energy efficiency can raise their competitive advantage while reducing their environmental impact and moving IT to the forefront of their organization's sustainability strategy.

Softchoice, a leading North American provider of technology solutions and services, is proud to announce the addition of ENERGY STAR search functionality. For the first time, IT purchasers can now search for and compare products based on energy efficiency, as designated by the internationally recognized ENERGY STAR rating system. Today's announcement builds on Softchoice's recent launch of the world's first fully searchable EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) product registry and the Company's comprehensive Sustain-Enable strategy. These initiatives reflect Softchoice's focus on becoming North America's leading enabler of sustainable IT practices. This makes it easier for people to evaluate ENERGY STAR certified products in a comprehensive and practical fashion. Great energy-saving opportunities are out there, and now customers can assess both their IT and sustainability standards needs and get ahead of the curve.

Visitors to can now search more than 2000 certified ENERGY STAR products and compare their results based on price, as well as dozens of performance criteria, including memory, hard drive size, processor speed and more. We will be releasing a Press Release in a few days about this new search functionality.

We have a website which is dedicated to energy efficiency in technology equipment and have had many customer events across North America where we have focused on ENERGY STAR. We are also currently offering a free EcoTech Assessment where we work with customers to help them create a purchasing policy that includes ENERGY STAR as a requirement for all hardware purchases.

Our last customer newsletter featured information about the ENERGY STAR program and its functionality.

We focus primarily on technology (computers, monitors, printers etc) and we have used the listing of approved products and have put those on our website. We have used some of the information from the ENERGY STAR website in order to educate our customers on the benefits of choosing energy efficient products.

Contact Information:
Melissa Quinn
416-588-9002 (phone) (email)