ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

American Hotel and Lodging Association
Washington, District of Columbia
Date Joined: March 14, 2005

In partnership with EPA, AH&LA is launching a multi-year, national campaign highlighting the cost savings and environmental benefits of energy efficiency for its hotel and lodging members, under the "AH&LA Good Earthkeeping" name. The campaign, linked closely with ENERGY STAR, encourages each AH&LA member to:

  • Assess the energy use of their facilities;
  • Determine which facilities are good candidates for energy efficiency improvements;
  • Make efficiency improvements where it makes sense;
  • Employ effective management strategies for continued savings; and
    Showcase their accomplishments.

To make the campaign actionable, AH&LA provides ENERGY STAR resources that make it easy for members to take these steps. AH&LA makes these and other resources readily available to their members through familiar channels, including their website, conferences, and continued coverage in AH&LA's member magazine. The innovative AH&LA program is supported by the AH&LA Good Earthkeeping Alliance of Whirlpool Corporation, Project Planet, Trane, GE Consumer and Industrial, and Servidyne.

AH&LA is a 94 year old membership association of state and city lodging associations located throughout the United States with some 10,000 property members nationwide, representing more than 1.4 million guest rooms. It is a leading association for an industry that accounts for about 8 percent of carbon emissions from U.S. commercial buildings and spends nearly $4 billion on energy costs each year. Because hotels consume a tremendous amount of energy to meet guest needs around the clock, AH&LA is committed to educating each of its members about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Contact Information:
Brad Aldrich
202-289-3154 (phone) (email)