ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Town of River Bend, NC
Riverbend, North Carolina
Date Joined: August 18, 2008

The Town of River Bend, NC is a community of 3,000 residents located in eastern North Carolina. The elected body remains committed to promoting sound environmental practices and is working with the Town's professional staff to increase energy efficiency.

At a public meeting in August of 2008, the Town Council adopted the Town's strategic energy plan aimed at reducing electric and gasoline consumption in our operations. The provisions of this plan were introduced at a recent staff meeting, and will be part of the Town's on-going effort to communicate conservation messages to our residents.

A monthly newspaper is distributed to all residents of River Bend, which will allow the Town to communicate its participation in the ENERGY STAR Challenge, and encourage residents to take it up as well.

Contact Information:
Drew Havens
252-638-3870 (phone) (email)