ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date Joined: October 26, 2005

As a "Clean Energy State" through the EPA's Clean Energy-Environment State Partnership Program, the State of New Mexico is committed to improving the energy efficiency of its facilities and K-12 schools, and encouraging commercial building owners to adopt efficient energy practices. The State created the Clean Energy Development Council by Executive Order 2004-019 and has been instructing state agencies to support its mission. New Mexico has worked actively with the building and regulatory communities to implement, enforce, evaluate, and develop an applications manual for the recently-adopted new code (IECC2003). The State also actively participates in ENERGY STAR for Homes program. To support EPA's ENERGY STAR Challenge, New Mexico will:

  • Train state facility managers to use ENERGY STAR tools and resources, including EPA's national energy performance rating system;
  • Benchmark state facilities, and obtaining LEED certification and/or an ENERGY STAR rating for public agency buildings;
  • Provide training to schools;
  • Recognize organizations in New Mexico that achieve energy efficiency improvements of 10 percent or more; and
  • Create a new, advanced energy-efficient buildings standards activity, inspired by the Governor's Green Building Initiative that will establish a program to promote innovative and advanced energy efficiency beyond code compliance for New Mexico buildings.

Contact Information:
Fernando Martinez
505-476-3312 (phone) (email)