ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

New Hampshire
Concord, New Hampshire
Date Joined: March 14, 2005

The State of New Hampshire is committed to a 10 percent improvement in energy efficiency across the more than 1,200 buildings it occupies. As the largest energy user in New Hampshire, with costs greater than $18 million, the State demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency when the Governor signed an Executive Order in July 2005 to help improve the energy efficiency of state buildings and operations.

The Executive Order, which models EPA's ENERGY STAR Challenge's 10 percent improvement goals, requires the State to:

  • Conduct an inventory of its facilities and track energy usage and costs in a centralized database;
  • Benchmark all applicable facilities using EPA's national energy performance rating system and develop a plan for conducting energy audits of facilities the earn lower ratings;
  • Develop a plan and energy reduction goal for implementing improvements with a reasonable payback period;
  • Incorporate ENERGY STAR qualified products into state purchasing policies; and
  • Develop energy efficiency standards for new construction designs and procedures for review and commissioning to ensure design specifications were met.

Contact Information:
Joanne Morin
603-271-5552 (phone) (email)