ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Wilcox Group Architects
Little Rock, Arkansas
Date Joined: March 14, 2008

Wilcox Group Architects believes in the basic principles of stewardship. As an ardent advocate for our clients, (healthcare, educational, and civic) we strive to design buildings that are both energy efficient and fiscally responsible. On average, our buildings utilize 25% to 35% less energy than the levels mandated by local energy codes. Recently we added one million square feet of new floor space, including a new energy plant, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) campus. UAMS will now operate a total of four million square feet of campus with no additional energy required than the original three million square feet  realizing a Carbon Neutral Design. The energy efficiency gains in existing buildings completely offset the energy consumed by the new floor space. The total cost of the energy efficient features incorporated in these designs will be paid back within 4 years.

For the last seven years we have re-educated our staff to create energy conscious designs relating to the site, orientations, material systems, health, and productivity for our facilities and clients. In 2001, we became the founding members of the USGBC/Arkansas Chapter (13th in the United States) and have designed several LEED projects throughout the state. Just recently we have engaged in the ENERGY STAR challenge to be more proactive in educating our surrounding community.
Step One  ENERGY STAR Tools

This is the cornerstone of the energy efficiency atmosphere. We at WGA have embarked on a dual journey. We are establishing firm-wide policies and education. We also offer a monthly web cast to our staff and select clients. On our other track we are immediately setting energy star goals with two new projects. One has just been awarded to us for design and the other is in the schematic design phase and has set several goals. This one has adopted tools relating to appliances, instantaneousness hot water system and reflective (EIFS) coatings.

Contact Information:
Steve Kinzler
501-666-4546 (phone) (email)