ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

The Business Council of Fairfield County
Stamford, Connecticut
Date Joined: March 14, 2005

SACIA is a powerful network of business leaders representing more than 250 businesses and non-profit organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut, including many large international corporations with headquarters in the region.

To demonstrate environmental leadership and secure energy reliability, SACIA members are committed to making Fairfield County an energy efficient region. They share the goals of the ENERGY STAR Challenge: finding energy waste in buildings and making cost-effective reductions of 10 percent, 20 percent, or more.

Working in partnership with EPA, SACIA is leveraging ENERGY STAR as a way to meet these goals. Specifically, SACIA recommends that its members:

  • Measure the energy efficiency of their office buildings using EPAs energy performance rating system;
  • Identify and implement the most cost-effective options for improving efficiency; and
  • Replicate the results of their efforts across the County and serve as a model for other communities.

SACIA's mission is to be one of the nation's most respected and influential regional networks of business leaders, committed to strengthening the economic vitality of the region and the performance of its members through research-based public policy initiatives, information services, and network-building programs.

Contact Information:
Christopher Bruhl
203-359-3220 (phone) (email)