ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Searcy Public Schools
Searcy, Arkansas
Date Joined: March 13, 2012

Searcy Public Schools, located in White County Arkansas, is a public school entity encompassing K-12 public education. Combined our facilities consist of 730,643 sq. ft. of conditioned space. Our district has a proven track record of excelling academically above state and national standards. Our school leaders strive to explore any and all avenues that could improve our daily operations as a whole, both academically and in facilities operations. In June of 2011, with school board approval, our school leaders chose to enlist the services of Energy Education Inc. consultants (EEI) to analyze our buildings energy efficiencies by hiring an Energy Specialist for the district and training the Energy Specialist to implement known strategies and policies that would improve the energy efficiencies of our buildings. The Energy Specialists role is to enact energy conservation minded polices and create a culture of energy conservation practices among all school district personnel and stakeholders.


Our district maintains a web page with a section entitled Energy Education. We provide links to helpful websites concerning energy education through this website. Our public relations coordinator prepares and publishes updates to our local newspaper concerning Searcy Public Schools efforts and the results of our changes in practice. We are currently in the process of preparing a school board presentation that will outline in more detail our practices and direct results in savings to our district and community.


Energy Education works directly with me to implement and share current best practices for energy management. I, in return, communicate these recommendations and guidelines to our building staff and administrators. By conducting random building audits, I am able to identify specific problem areas and communicate these with building administrators and staff which, in turn, work together to improve energy efficiency. Updates and suggestions are given at the beginning and then throughout the year during staffing meetings to communicate current guidelines and suggestions for efficient energy management practices.

Contact Information:
Jeff Graham
501-268-3850 (phone) (email)