ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

California Department of Justice
Sacramento, California
Date Joined: March 28, 2011

      Green Office-DOJ exists to promote the adoption of environmentally friendly business practices into the operation of the California Department of Justice.  It is a collaboration of executive, management, and staff employees who tackle local and statewide sustainability issues and suggestions including energy efficiency, resource conservation, waste reduction, environmentally preferable purchasing, and recycling.   The initiative targets all managers and employees in the department.  In the course of working on green objectives, Green Office-DOJ has had a positive impact to influence changes in policies and practices in other state agencies, thereby extending its reach beyond our intended audience.

      Green Office-DOJ relies on multiple forms of communication to increase employee awareness about the initiative, climate change, and practical steps and solutions the department and employees can take to reduce our carbon footprint.  Weve adopted ENERGY STARs bring your green to work mantra to inform employees on a wide range of alternatives they have to help make a difference at home and in their communities, which in turn, increases their awareness and sense of responsibility in the workplace.  We use bulletin boards, email to communicate changes in policy and new procedures,  Green Flash an email for tips and news briefs, a monthly GO electronic newsletter, and an Intranet which contains a large amount of reference material and copies of previously issued policies, e.g. vampire energy.  We also publish a Green page on our public Internet where our annual report resides, provide new employees with an introductory welcome and invitation to join the effort, and we hold numerous events where we seek to engage employees, provide informational material to employees on energy efficiencies and other actions that help conserve resources.  Annually, we do a survey to solicit comments and suggestions, which serves to also keep employees aware of Green Office goals and objectives.

We have informed our department facilities management team that the department is now an ENERGY STAR partner and we will follow up with information to our lessors.  Our goal is to build on the record we have of 4 state-owned LEED certified buildings and 1 leased LEED certified facility to improve our baseline.  Also, our IT division has accomplished much to increase energy efficiency in our server equipment and at the desktop.  Certainly, ENERGY STAR partnership is a motivation to continue to optimize the efficient use of energy.  We will be providing IT management and other key managers with access to the materials available to us on the website as ENERGY STAR partners.

Contact Information:
Linda Brughelli
916-327-7864 (phone) (email)