ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Williamstown Independent Schools
Williamstown, Kentucky
Date Joined: February 09, 2011

The Williamstown Independent School district serves roughly 1200 students.  In addition to the student population, the audience for energy management and reduction extends to the faculty and staff of the schools and the community at large. 

As a small independent school district, the school is a major force in the local community.  The motto of the school is "A Tradition of Excellence, Tomorrow's Legacy".  What better legacy than to enable the entire community to be a responsible energy partner and consumer.  For the past quarter, we have been communicating monthly with energy consumption and usage data.  Now we are stepping up our efforts by developing a newsletter and web updates.  We will be using Portfolio Manager to evaluate our progress and apply for recognition.

Contact Information:
Jon Nipple
859-409-3177 (phone) (email)