ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Walton Arts Center
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Date Joined: January 27, 2011

 As the premier center for the arts and entertainment in Arkansas, the Natural State, Walton Arts Center serves more than 20,000 people through our 6-week Artosphere Festival, and nearly 150,000 people through our seasonal arts, entertainment and arts educational programming.  Artosphere: Arkansas' Arts & Nature Festival, which seeks to give an artist's voice to the discussions about sustainability, is the platform through which Walton Arts Center has launched our organizational sustainability efforts.  Our audiences, which are composed of families, young professionals, college students, and retirees, as well as clients of dozens of non-profit and social service agencies, will both participate in our efforts to improve energy efficiency at our events and in our buildings, and will also receive regular reminders of how they can make their lives more energy efficient outside of Walton Arts Center.   These efforts are not confined to the Artosphere Festival; they are ongoing throughout the year.

In May 2011, Walton Arts Center will present the 2nd annual Artosphere Arts & Nature Festival.  This series of theatrical productions, visual art exhibitions, and musical performances including an outdoor festival, celebrates artists, influenced by nature, who help inspire us to live more sustainable lives.  Artosphere will be widely publicized with its own website as well as in print and other media.  Attendees will receive educational emails, website tips and takeaway materials throughout the festival.

We will use the Bring Your Green to Work presentation and tip sheets as a training opportunity for staff and ENERGY STAR posters and logo to communicate the value of energy efficiency to audiences and our community.

Contact Information:
Peter Lane
479-443-9216 (phone) (email)