ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Kingport Corporation
Santa Barbara, California
Date Joined: December 13, 2010

Kingport Corporation is a management consulting firm focusing on strategic planning and management of resource efficiency and productivity in the Sustainability field. Our clients are large non profit organizations, Fortune 500 corporations and Federal Agencies who have made a commitment to build their business models around Sustainability, realizing that energy efficiency is the crucial and attainable starting point.

Since 2009, Kingport has created and taught  over energy efficiency seminars utilizing the ENERGY STARenergy management strategies and planning resulting in the benchmarking of over 14 million square feet of commercial and industrial buildings in  200 buildings. We have benchmarked over 10 million square feet as of December 2010 with five buildings earning ENERGY STAR certification in 2010.

Through our website we aim to share the value of the ENERGY STAR step by step approach to energy efficiency while tying the program to Sustainability strategies and best practices.

We are continuing to help in the creation of Green Jobs in addition to the five energy efficiency professionals we have trained on ENERGY STAR and have taught in excess of 700 seminar attendees and clients since January 2010. We have used Computer Power Management, Portfolio Manager, Building Upgrade Manual, Target Finder, Cash Flow Opportunity and Building Upgrade Calculators, Purchasing and Procurement in our educational outreach as well as in our consulting services and are proud of that fact that this has resulted one hundred percent adoption.

Contact Information:
Lee Stevens
805-448-4200 (phone) (email)