ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Greece Central School District
N. Greece, New York
Date Joined: September 21, 2010

In the Greece Central School District, faculty, staff, and the community collaborate to provide a comprehensive, successful experience for each and every student we serve and where diversity and the dignity of each individual is honored in an environment that is safe and secure.  The Greece Central School District embraces energy conservation and believes it to be our responsibility to ensure that reasonable efforts are made to conserve energy and natural resources as a means of responsibly using these resources and controlling costs of school district operations.  Greece Central School District educates over 12,000 students in Rochester, NY and employs over 1800 staff.

We have begun an Energy Management Program to help spur a conservation  movement in our district.  The main focus of which is to save money, but the by product of that being that we are promoting an awareness of environmental stewardship and instilling lifelong listens in the students and staff that spend their days in our classrooms.  Through weekly updates in our district information mailer, to developing a website of resources and information for staff and students, through presentations to staff and the community at large and through educational trainings we are beginning to accomplish our goals.

We have supplied all or portions of many of the EPA resources to our staff.  The educational resources have been very helpful as well as the guidelines and checklist have proved helpful.


Contact Information:
Andrew Bucci
585-368-8183 (phone) (email)