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2019 ENERGY STAR Awards


Each year, EPA and DOE honor organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency. This year’s winners will be recognized at the ENERGY STAR Awards Ceremony on April 11, 2019 in Washington DC. All organizations participating in ENERGY STAR are encouraged to apply for an ENERGY STAR Award.

See the Affordable Housing Award Application for detailed guidelines.

Affordable Housing Award Application Download PDF PDF (61KB) Word Word Document

Note: You will not be able to save your application as you go, so it is important to gather the required information in advance.

Deadline: A complete electronic application is due by 8pm EST, November 29, 2018.

Apply for an Award

To continue to the online submission process for the Excellence in Affordable Housing Award, you will need:

  • Your award narrative in Microsoft Word, or PDF, developed according to the guidelines in the application above.
  • Your 300-word executive summary. In the event that your organization is selected for an award, the content in the executive summary will be used to prepare a summary of your organization’s achievements.
  • Any additional supplemental files such as brochures, photographs, and advertisements, etc. Each file must be no more than 12 MB in size. Read the Guidelines.
  • Contact information for your organization.

For questions on the awards process, please contact your account manager or EPA at awards@energystar.gov.

View Past Award Winners

All supplemental files are optional. The system can not accept a file larger than 12 MB in size. For anything larger, we recommend you shrink the file by either zipping it, changing the file format to pdf, or splitting it into separate smaller files that can be uploaded.