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Advanced Lighting Package (ALP)

The Advanced Lighting Package (ALP) is a comprehensive set of ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures and ceiling fans. In order to meet the ALP criteria, homes must consist of a minimum of 60% ENERGY STAR qualified hard-wired fixtures, indoor and/or outdoor.

In addition to the light fixture requirements, all ceiling fans must be ENERGY STAR qualified for a lighting package to receive the ALP designation. Qualified light kits are counted toward the ALP 60% requirement.

ALP Training Presentation Power Point Presentation (5.51MB)

California Title 24

California's updated building energy code, Title 24, took effect on October 1, 2005. Residential new construction and retrofit projects requiring a building permit on or after October 1st are required to comply with the new code. The new code requires 50% of the connected load in the kitchen to be "high efficacy" luminaires, and other rooms to use "high efficacy" luminaires or controls, including outdoor lighting. For specifics on the code please refer to: California Energy Commission 2005 Energy Efficiency Standards Training Exit ENERGY STAR.

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