XML Web Services Submission Process

EPA uses an XML-based qualified product exchange (QPX) system for certification bodies (CBs) to submit information on products certified as ENERGY STAR via web services. Data submitted through these web services are validated against the XML standard. Communication between web services is conducted using a SOAP-based API defined in the Web-Service Definition Language (WSDL) file listed below.

Developers should consult the technical documentation below for more information regarding active web services, authentication and validation protocols, naming conventions, requirements, and testing.


XML Web Services Submission Files

Product Categories

Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Clothes Dryers V1 Final
Clothes Washers V8 Final
Dishwashers V6 Final
Refrigerators and Freezers V5 Final
Heating and Cooling
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Boilers V3 Final
Central Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps V5 Final
Commercial Boilers V1 Final
Commercial Water Heaters V1 Final
V2 Final
Connected Thermostats V1 Final
Dehumidifiers V4 Final
Furnaces V4 Final
Geothermal Heat Pumps V3.1 Tier 3 Final
Light Commercial HVAC V3 Final
Room Air Cleaners and Purifiers V1 Final
Room Air Conditioners V4 Final
Water Heaters - Non Solar Electric and Non Solar Gas V3 Final
Water Heaters - Solar Electric and Solar Gas V3 Final
Commercial Food Service
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Commercial Coffee Brewers V1 Final
Commercial Dishwashers V2 Final
Commercial Fryers V3 Final
Commercial Griddles V1 Final
Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets V2 Final
Commercial Ice Machines V3 Final
Commercial Ovens V2 Final
Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers V4 Final
Commercial Steam Cookers V1 Final
Electronics and Office Equipment
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Audio/ Video Equipment V3 Final
Computers V6 Desktops, Notebooks, Integrated Desktops Final
V6 Small Scale Servers Final
V6 Thin Clients Final
V6 Workstations Final
V7 Desktop and Integrated Desktop Testing
(04/13/2018 - 04/26/2018)
V7 Notebook, Port All-in-one, Slate/Tablets Testing
(04/13/2018 - 04/26/2018)
V7 Thin Clients Testing
(04/13/2018 - 04/26/2018)
V7 Workstations Testing
(04/13/2018 - 04/26/2018)
Data Center Storage V1 Final
Displays V7 Final
Enterprise Servers V2 Final
Imaging Equipment V2 Final
Large Network Equipment V1 Final
Set-top Boxes and Cable Boxes V5 Final
Small Network Equipment V1 Final
Telephony V3 Final
Televisions V7 Final
V8 Testing
(04/09/2018 - 04/24/2018)
Uninterruptible Power Supplies V1 AC Final
V1 DC Final
V2 Ac and High-Voltage Dc Final
V2 Low-voltage Dc Final
Lighting and Fans
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Ceiling Fans V3 Fans Only Final
V3 with Lighting Final
V4 Ceiling Fan Shipped with ENERGY STAR Lamps Final
V4 Fans Only Final
V4 Light Kit Only Final
V4 Light Kit Only Shipped with ENERGY STAR Lamps Final
V4 with Lighting Final
Certified Lighting Subcomponents V1 Ballasts Final
V1 GU24 HID-Fluorescent Final
V1 Lamps Final
V1 Light Engine and GU24 Based Integrated LED Lamps CSD Final
V1 Platforms Final
Decorative Light Strings V1 Final
Lamps V2 Directional Final
V2 Non-Directional Decorative Final
Luminaires V2 Directional Luminaires Shipped with ENERGY STAR Lamps Review
(Comments Due by 04/24/18)
V2 Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Directional Final
V2 Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Non-directional Final
V2 Luminaires Shipped with ENERGY STAR Lamps Final
V2 Outdoor Directional Final
V2 Outdoor Non-directional Final
Ventilating Fans V4 Fans Only Final
V4 with Lighting Final
Home Building Materials
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Roof Products V3 Final
Product XML Web Service Files Phase
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment V1 Final
Lab Grade Refrigerators and Freezers V1 Final
Pool Pumps V1 Final
Vending Machines V3 Final
Water Coolers V2 Final