XML Web Services Review and Deployment Plan

For each product specification version, the transition to the XML-based process will include the following stages:

Review Period

Certification bodies (CBs) are invited to review the data requirements. EPA will provide the product-specific information, including each criterion, the description, whether the item is required or optional, the data type, the restrictions on the data entry, and any enumerations. During the review period, the CB may submit any comments about the data requirements, any of the related columns to Certification@energystar.gov. The WSDL file will not incorporate data requirements until they are finalized. CBs should continue to submit data on certified products through the Excel templates until the XML transition is complete.

Development Period

Once the data requirements are finalized, they will be made available so that CBs may begin to configure their systems while the WSDL is being integrated to accept submissions for testing. Once EPA has determined when the WSDL integration will be complete and available for testing, the testing dates will be posted on the XML Web Services Submission Process page.

Testing Period

CBs may conduct testing as soon as the requirements are integrated into the WSDL, regardless if the CB is recognized for that product category. Details on submitting product information via XML are available on the XML Web Services Submission Process page.

Please note: any products uploaded during the testing period will not be uploaded into EPA's database of qualified products. Certified products intended for qualified product lists should continue to be submitted through the Excel templates until the XML transition is complete.


Once the testing period has closed, EPA will notify CBs via email about the transition date for that product category. Once the transition is complete, the Excel templates may no longer be used to provide EPA with product data. Only CBs recognized for that product category will be able to upload product data for qualification.

Questions or comments may be submitted to Certification@energystar.gov.