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EPA's Automated Benchmarking System (ABS) is a free web service designed to exchange energy use data and facility information, with EPA's Portfolio Manager software tool. Using XML-based Web Services provided by the EPA, third-party energy service companies can securely provide energy and building data from their systems to Portfolio Manager in exchange for receiving the EPA's energy performance rating and other related energy and environmental performance metrics. The documents and applications described below help you assess the technical knowledge necessary to use ABS to provide your customers with the 1 to 100 energy performance ratings.

The information provided on this page is to be used in conjunction with additional files that are made available to you once you have registered for an Automated Benchmarking System account. Along with registering for an account there are a few other basic steps that will enable you to begin a relationship with EPA as an automated benchmarking provider.

2013 Portfolio Manager and ABS Redesign: In the Spring of 2013, EPA will release a completely new and redesigned upgrade for its popular Portfolio Manager tool and the ABS system. This upgrade will expand the database to meet expected growth and will greatly enhance features offered within the online tool and via ABS. Because this upgraded ABS system will employ a new software platform (RESTful web services), EPA is providing a demonstration service. The demonstration will help to prepare ABS providers for the system upgrade, by providing a more concrete example of the types of services that will be employed in the upgraded system. View our progress on the upgrade and test the demonstration web services.

NOTE TO PROVIDERS: Beta Data Exchange Web Services Are Now Live!
The completely redesigned and upgraded data exchange web services are available for testing as of September 26, 2012. These will replace the legacy Automated Benchmarking System web services, which will be discontinued upon the release of the new Portfolio Manager in June of 2013. Please prepare to begin integration and testing with the new data exchange web services, so that you will be ready to continue exchanging data and metrics for your customers after June of 2013. The API and system documentation are available at:

Legacy ABS Resources

  1. Review introductory documents and training:
  2. Review the detailed technical requirements in the ABS User's Guide Word document and XML schemas. Register for an ABS account to access XML xsd files, schema maps, sample schemas, and WSDLs, and begin submitting test and live data to the web services.
  3. Become familiar with the necessary data and processes associated with rating a building using the energy performance rating scale. This can best be done in EPA''s energy management software system, Portfolio Manager, where you are encouraged to create an account.
  4. If you have not done so already, join as an ENERGY STAR Service and Product Provider Partner. Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner enhances your credibility and visibility in the marketplace by linking your service offerings to the trusted ENERGY STAR brand. Organizations partnering with ENERGY STAR have access to the ENERGY STAR Partner logo, are listed online in the ENERGY STAR �Expert Help� directory, and have the opportunity to participate in recognition opportunities for yourself and your clients. Learn more about the partnership process and to begin an application.

Options for Connecting to ABS Web Services

The ABS web services enable energy service companies and utilities to completely manage building and energy data for their customers and access the EPA rating and related performance metrics. Data submissions should occur monthly, associated with utility billing cycles. Three options are currently available for facilitating routine data transfers:

  • Develop a Client Application — This is the recommended approach because it is truly automated and fully integrates the EPA energy performance rating scale with your existing software.
  • Use Existing Java Client Tool and .NET Instructions — These options, available through the ABS Web site, support your development of a standalone tool by modifying an example Java application or following.NET instructions.
  • Upload XML Request in the ABS — This option allows you to browse and manually upload your XML files for processing.

Registering for an ABS account will provide you with access to tools, instructions, and sample clients to test these various options and determine the best approach for your company.

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