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Create and Implement an Action Plan

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Successful SPPs use a detailed action plan to ensure a systematic process to implementing energy performance measures for their customers.


  • Use the Building Upgrade Manual you have become familiar with to create a step by step energy efficiency plan for customer facilities.
  • Integrate ENERGY STAR energy performance contracting best practices PDF (263KB) into your offerings.
  • Conduct an Investment Grade Audit for customer facilities to evaluate the actual performance of a facility's systems and equipment against their designed performance level or against best available technology.
  • Obtain project financing for proposed energy efficiency projects.
    • View project financing strategies and related case studies.
    • Use the Cash Flow Opportunity Calculator to advise customers on how much new energy efficiency equipment can be purchased from anticipated savings; whether equipment purchases should be financed now or from a future budget; and, if money is being lost by waiting for a lower interest rate.
    • Use the Directory of Energy Efficiency Programs to identify utilities and other entities offering financial assistance to improve energy efficiency for your customers.
  • Create an energy oriented Purchasing and Procurement Policy to promote ENERGY STAR qualified products as a means for customers to save energy and lower operating expenses over the lifetime of equipment.
  • Build capacity in customer organizations through training and transfer of successful practices.
  • Raise awareness among employees in your customers' organization.