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Help Your Customers Measure and Track Their Energy Performance

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Understanding current and past energy use is key to helping customers identify opportunities to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits. Setting clear and measurable goals is critical for developing effective strategies and reaping financial gains for customers.


  • Gather and track data.
    • For commercial buildings, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a free, online tool that tracks energy use over time, normalizing for weather and building characteristics to allow comparisons to be made on a level playing field. Compare the energy performance of customer facilities to similar buildings nationwide.
    • For industrial plants, use the industry specific Energy Performance Indicators (EPI) to track yearly energy use patterns.
  • Establish a baseline, benchmark, and compare energy performance.
    • Use Portfolio Manager or the EPIs to: measure current and past energy performance; monitor energy (and water) consumption and costs; quantify improvements; and compare energy performance to similar buildings nationwide.
  • Analyze energy performance and prioritize opportunities to determine your customers' energy use trends, and identify steps for reducing energy consumption.
    • Use the Energy Performance Rating System for building types eligible for the ENERGY STAR 1–100 rating, or the Energy Use Intensity PDF (46KB) (EUI) index for "Other" building types to compare the energy performance of customer facilities to each other, to peers and competitors, and over time. Prioritize which facilities to focus on for improvements without conducting an on-site audit.
    • Incorporate the 1–100 rating or EUI into your services to provide customers with building energy performance information automatically through commercial energy information services PDF (156KB).
    • Evaluate investment opportunities for a given building and identify the best opportunities across customer portfolios. Compare cost savings across buildings in customer portfolios or calculate cost savings for a specific project.
    • Leverage the Building Upgrade Value Calculator and Financial Value Calculator Excel as part of your service offerings. Quantify savings opportunities and effectively communicate your recommendations to decision makers in customer organizations.
  • Set achievable goals. Review baselines and benchmark to determine the potential and sequence of upgrades, and establish clear target dates.
    • Use Portfolio Manager to establish a target Energy Performance Rating or a target percent reduction.
    • Work towards earning the ENERGY STAR for customer facilities.
    • Achieve ENERGY STAR Leaders status for your customers by improving the energy performance of entire portfolios.