Gain a Market Advantage

three office workers looking out the window at a high rise building

Create brand recognition for your company as an experienced provider of services and products that facilitate energy efficiency.


  • Join ENERGY STAR as an SPP partner to enhance your credibility and visibility, and gain access to a pre-qualified market.
  • Access the ENERGY STAR partner logo, recognized by over 75 percent of American households.
    • Include the partner logo in brochures and on your Web site.
    • Read the ENERGY STAR Brand Book for ideas and conventions of logo usage.
  • Leverage ENERGY STAR marketing materials in sales project proposals, conferences, and newsletters.
    • Employ market sector focused materials to promote the value of your offerings in terms that resonate with decision makers in your customers' organizations.
    • Access co-brandable marketing materials via a partners-only Web page.
  • Expand business opportunities by participating in industry association initiatives to promote energy efficiency.
  • Learn about ENERGY STAR recognition opportunities for your company.


  • Review the ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Manual for no- and low- cost energy efficiency best practices, as well as more capital intensive measures.
  • Use free pre-recorded and live online trainings to better inform your sales and technical staff.
    • Train technical sales staff on ENERGY STAR tools such as Portfolio Manager, the free online ENERGY STAR tool which provides an Energy Performance Rating for commercial buildings.
    • Work with EPA to develop and deliver customized Webinars to internal staff to equip them to best serve customer needs.
  • Use the Teaming Up to Save Energy PDF (622KB) guide to enhance your understanding of customer needs for an energy management team. Order and distribute this guide to staff to share demonstrated teaming best practices.
  • Follow the Guidelines for Energy Management for Service and Product Providers PDF (179KB)