Solid State Lighting (SSL) Luminaires

On September 30, 2008, the ENERGY STAR Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Luminaire program went into effect.

The ENERGY STAR criteria cover the requirements for SSL products used for general illumination, including those with significant decorative function. If a decorative SSL product serves a significant general illumination function, it falls within the scope of these criteria. The criteria apply to both residential and commercial products and only to products designed to connect to the electric power grid. They do not apply to SSL products made for indication (such as traffic lights and exit signs); to products exclusively intended for decoration (such as holiday lights); nor to SSL products intended for retrofit into existing fixtures.

EPA is currently developing a new product specification for Luminaires, intended to replace the Residential Light Fixtures (V4.2) and Solid State Lighting Luminaires (V1.1) specifications. For more information about up-to-date information on program changes, visit the new specification in development page for Luminaires.

To find out how to partner with the ENERGY STAR Solid State Lighting Luminaires program, send an email to or visit Solid-State Lighting Partner Resources. Comments or questions should be sent to

Draft Version 1.2

The U.S. Department of Energy is pleased to release the second draft ENERGY STAR performance criteria for outdoor pole-mounted area and roadway luminaires, outdoor wall-mounted area luminaires ("wall packs"), and parking garage/canopy luminaires. Below are links to a cover letter and the draft criteria. DOE has developed a new metric, called Fitted Target Efficacy (FTE), for the evaluation of outdoor pole-mounted area and roadway luminaires. Links to the FTE Calculator, as well as background information on the metric, are provided below. DOE invites stakeholder review and comments on these draft criteria through July 31, 2009. Please direct all comments to and

Comments on Draft Version 1.2 (as of July 31, 2009)

ENERGY STAR Criteria for Solid-State Lighting Luminaires Version 1.1

Final Criteria Version 1.1

Comments on Draft Version 1.1 (as of 9/15/2008)

ENERGY STAR Criteria for Solid-State Lighting Luminaires Version 1.0

Final Criteria

Draft Criteria

Solid-State Lighting Luminaire Stakeholder Meeting Materials

On February 8, 2007, the Department of Energy hosted a stakeholder meeting at DOE Headquarters to review the draft ENERGY STAR criteria for solid state lighting luminaires. Below are the meeting agenda and presentations:

Second Round of Formal Comments (as of 5/15/2007)

First Round of Formal Comments (as of 1/19/2007)