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Fridges and freezers made before 1993 are inefficient. A pre-1993 unit costs more than $100 per year in electricity�twice as much as a new ENERGY STAR qualified model. And fridges and freezers from the 1970s cost four times more to operate. Is there an old model draining the budget in your house?

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Learn what you should know about when to replace an old fridge or freezer.

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Find out how much energy and money your old fridge or freezer is costing you.

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Join the thousands who have already made a cool change by recycling their old fridge or freezer.

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New ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators must be at least 20 percent more efficient than the minimum federal energy standard, and freezers must be 10 percent more efficient. Find out what's behind the efficiency in these ENERGY STAR appliances.

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Learn about our campaign partners' promotions, contests, and special offers in your area for recycling of old units or purchase of new ENERGY STAR refrigerators and freezers (Spring 2009).

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