ENERGY STAR Training Center

Utilities/Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS)

Training Overview

Welcome to the Utilities/Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS) section of the ENERGY STAR Training Center. EPA/DOE’s goal is to offer a unique forum for Utilities/EEPS partners to share tools and best practices for sales associate training. By showcasing the most effective training materials from Utilities/EEPS partners around the nation, ENERGY STAR hopes to help sales associates in every retail environment to convey the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products to consumers.

How to Use this Information

ENERGY STAR Training Center is a resource for partners that are interested in enhancing their sales staff’s knowledge of ENERGY STAR. It provides simple, persuasive training tools developed by ENERGY STAR and Utilities/EEPS around the country that will train sales associates on the ENERGY STAR program and how ENERGY STAR qualified products can lower consumers’ energy bills while protecting the environment. Training Resources provided include:

  • Utilities/EEPS partner web sites that offer training resources
  • Market reports from Utilities/EEPS partners
  • ENERGY STAR training materials by product category

Through the ENERGY STAR Training Center, EPA/DOE promotes sales associate training to help Utilities/EEPS achieve state/regional energy efficiency goals through better customer satisfaction, increased ENERGY STAR awareness, and peak load management. EPA/DOE also provides tools that give Utilities/EEPS flexibility to implement unique regional programs while remaining consistent with national ENERGY STAR outreach efforts.