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Commercial Food Service (CFS)

CFS products that have earned the ENERGY STAR meet strict energy and water efficiency criteria and offer end-users comparable performance to standard efficiency designs. In many cases, improvements in energy and water efficiency actually enhance performance and extend product lifetime while lowering operating costs.

Industry Training Presentation (for Dealers, Designers, Consultants and Operators)

The training modules below are intended for CFS equipment dealers, commercial kitchen designers, consultants, and restaurant operators.

The ENERGY STAR CFS Industry Training Presentation will help you communicate effectively about the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified CFS equipment. Download as a PowerPoint presentation Power Point Presentation or PDF document PDF (6.3MB)

  1. ENERGY STAR Program Overview PDF (820KB)
    • Provides an overview of EPA’s voluntary partnership and the programs and products covered.
    • Includes an overview of energy use in a typical commercial kitchen and identifies opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption.
  2. Making the Case for ENERGY STAR — Overview of ENERGY STAR Qualified Products & Savings Opportunities PDF (2.03MB)
    • Explains how ENERGY STAR helps you, whether selling or purchasing equipment. ENERGY STAR’s advantages range from energy and dollar savings to recognition opportunities.
    • Provides an overview of the eligible product categories for the front and back of the house, along with estimated average annual and lifetime savings.
  3. Product-Specific Benefits with ENERGY STAR PDF (2.07MB)
    • Details the improved performance and efficiency of the eligible CFS product categories, providing details on the scope of products covered by ENERGY STAR specifications, performance criteria, and also a sampling of equipment features and benefits.
  4. Tips for Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Operators PDF (1.02MB)
    • Outlines strategic ways for restaurant and commercial kitchen operators to identify low and no-cost savings opportunities and curtail overall energy consumption.
  5. Tools & Resources PDF (1.3MB)
    • Provides an overview of the tools and resources available for partners and stakeholders.
    • EPA offers resources from printed publications to quarterly e-newsletters. EPA also offers tools to locate utility incentives, locate dealers that stock qualified products, calculate specific savings figures, and more.

CFS Product Sell Sheets

These 2-pagers allow dealers, designers, consultants, and manufacturers to quickly explain the key selling points for ENERGY STAR certified models to potential customers (e.g., anticipated lifetime and annual savings estimates, range of utility rebates available, design approaches to reduce energy consumption, examples of additional benefits for end users). To learn about co-branding template files, contact commercialfoodservice@energystar.gov.

Download all product sell sheets (ZIP 5.93MB)

Training Resources for Utilities

The tool(s) below are intended for utilities that offer incentives on ENERGY STAR qualified equipment or are interested in developing a program.

CFS Program Administrator Guide PDF (1.43MB)