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Other ENERGY STAR Campaigns

ENERGY STAR campaigns offer an opportunity for retail, manufacturer, utility and other program sponsor partners to promote energy efficiency across homes and businesses. The links below will provide you with more information about ongoing ENERGY STAR campaigns and take you to training materials and tools for products related to the campaigns. These resources are designed to help you, your staff, and your vendors communicate effectively to consumers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR products.


  • ENERGY STAR Recycle My Old Fridge Campaign
    This nationwide effort, brought to you by the U.S. Department of Energy and the government's ENERGY STAR program, encourages every American who owns an old, inefficient refrigerator to take another step-to save money, energy and the environment by recycling that old fridge. And if a replacement unit is needed, you can also save when you buy a new ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator.
  • Low Carbon IT Campaign
    The ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign is a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consumed by their computers and monitors. Saving energy reduces air pollution associated with the burning of fossil fuels, and ultimately lowers the risk of climate change. Join by taking the Low Carbon IT pledge.

Training Resources

  • Appliances
    If everyone purchasing a refrigerator in 2008 chooses an ENERGY STAR qualified model, together we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from about 120,000 cars.
  • Office Equipment
    Enabling your computer's ENERGY STAR power management feature can save your office up to $50 per computer per year.