Salt River Project (Arizona)

SRP’s Energy Efficiency Program

SRP offers its consumers tips on how to maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy use in homes and businesses. SRP’s Web site counsels consumers on how they can focus on the top five energy users in a typical home — cooling and heating, swimming pool pumps, electric water heater, electric dryers, and refrigerators — and then lower energy use in those areas. This can be accomplished through conducting a Do-It-Yourself Energy Checkup Exit ENERGY STAR and researching new, energy-efficient appliances with SRP’s Appliance cost comparison tool Exit ENERGY STAR.

SRP PowerWise

SRP PowerWise Exit ENERGY STAR is an energy-information program that helps consumers make power-wise decisions to ensure that they get top value for the money spent on utility bills. This program offers product purchasing guidance and energy savings advice to help consumers use electricity more wisely, as well as special offers like discount coupons and mail-in rebates. SRP's PowerWise Homes program also helps educate builders and consumers about the benefits of an energy-efficient home.

Change-A-Light Pledges

SRP collects pledges Exit ENERGY STAR from consumers and businesses that promise to change an incandescent light bulb to a compact fluorescent light (CFL). SRP works with ENERGY STAR’s Change a Light, Change the World campaign to educate consumers about the energy-saving potential of CFLs, and also helps Arizona residents locate proper disposal locations for used CFLs.

Business Energy Manager

SRP offers free interactive tools Exit ENERGY STAR for small and medium-sized businesses to help managers understand how their facility uses energy and ways they can conserve energy and save money. Using Business Energy Manager enables one to complete an energy analysis and get personalized recommendations for managing energy costs, perform a benchmark analysis comparing one facility to similar facilities, review case studies relevant to a business, and find detailed information about energy-related topics.

Visit SRP

Go to SRP’s home page Exit ENERGY STAR, or visit SRP’s Special Offers and Events page Exit ENERGY STAR to see what opportunities are available for energy efficiency education.