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Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


Northwest ENERGY STAR Exit ENERGY STAR is the market transformation initiative in the residential sector. Northwest ENERGY STAR works with consumers, retailers, utilities, builders, and trade allies to promote ENERGY STAR consumer products and ENERGY STAR Homes Northwest.

Northwest ENERGY STAR partners work together to provide consumers with information about ENERGY STAR qualified products, offer purchasing incentives, and promote national campaigns. During the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World campaign, Northwest ENERGY STAR provides an online Change a Light store locator Exit ENERGY STAR so consumers can find stores in their area offering special prices on compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

Northwest ENERGY STAR Utility Partners Exit ENERGY STAR receive support through the Utility Services department. The Utility Services department can help answer questions about the Consumer Products program, provide updates on incentive offerings, and help partners take advantage of available resources through open communication. Utilities can get the latest news about the Residential Sector Initiative through the monthly Newsletter and they can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the program through the Utility Feedback Corner.

Cooperative Marketing Fund

Northwest ENERGY STAR supports a Cooperative Marketing Fund Exit ENERGY STAR for manufacturer and retail partners participating in the Consumer Products program. The Marketing Fund offers reimbursement funds for various kinds of marketing to promote ENERGY STAR qualified lighting. The Cooperative Marketing Fund program also offers advice and design assistance for retailers without an internal marketing department, or anyone who wants to utilize it.

Northwest ENERGY STAR helps retail partners find utilities offering financial incentives on consumer products, such as CFLs, through the Utility Purchase Incentives Exit ENERGY STAR search tool. Northwest ENERGY STAR also provides online tips for promoting ENERGY STAR qualified products Exit ENERGY STAR and encourages partners to participate in national ENERGY STAR campaigns, such as Change a Light, Change the World.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Evaluation Reports

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