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Lighting, Appliances, Electronics, Office Equipment, and Windows

More than 21,000 retail stores throughout the United States carry a wide variety of ENERGY STAR qualifying products including lighting, ceiling fans, appliances, electronics, office equipment and windows. ENERGY STAR helps energy efficiency program sponsors work with retailers and manufacturers to coordinate ENERGY STAR messages and ensure that consumers are educated about the importance of making their next purchase an ENERGY STAR.

Building an Effective ENERGY STAR Strategy

Begin the planning process by outlining goals, identifying methods to reach those goals, and determining how you will track progress. Such goals may include:

Consumer Education & Outreach

Promote ENERGY STAR lighting, appliances, home electronics, and office equipment, as well as best practices such as remodeling with efficiency in mind.

  • National Campaigns
    ENERGY STAR sponsors national campaigns to increase ENERGY STAR awareness and facilitate creative collaboration between partners. National Campaigns include the Spring Cooling Promotion, Fall Lighting Promotion, Appliance Promotion and the Holiday Electronics Promotion. Each of these market-based promotions is designed to promote a specific product and related best practices.
  • Employee breakroom poster PDF (3.53MB) Educate your employees about what they can do at work and home to save energy.
  • Product Brochures
    ENERGY STAR offers its partners a suite of product brochures, each providing a comprehensive overview of the benefits of choosing ENERGY STAR qualified products when shopping for your home. ENERGY STAR provides templates that you can produce yourself, or, depending on the quantity you need, can send you copies that we have in stock. Contact the ENERGY STAR Hotline at (888) STAR-YES.
  • Special deals finder
    If you would like to list your special offers, such as a rebate, on the ENERGY STAR Web site, contact ENERGY STAR at efficiencyrebates@energystar.gov. This resource lets consumers in relevant zip codes know about financial offers in their area.

Retail/Sales Outreach

Team up with retailers in your area to coordinate on sales training, consumer outreach, and special events.

  • Retailer partnership agreement PDF (102KB)
    Independent retailers that are not ENERGY STAR partners, will need to complete an ENERGY STAR partnership agreement.
  • Product templates.
    Use the following resources to develop marketing materials and point-of-sale tools to educate consumers and share with participating retailers.
  • Sales Training
    Most purchase decisions are made in the store where consumers can talk with a salesperson and interact directly with a variety of products. To help bring the message of energy efficiency, educate sales associates in your service territory on the benefits of ENERGY STAR.

Financing & Special Deals

Offer ENERGY STAR financing or incentives/rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified products to encourage your customers to consider incorporating energy efficiency into their homes.