MCHP systems

What is Micro-CHP?

Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a hybrid technology that combines an internal–combustion engine generator or fuel cell with a space and/or water heating device. The unit produces heat and electricity at the same time. This allows the home, multi family unit or small commercial business to self–generate a portion of its electricity. By capturing the waste heat from the electric generation and using it for space heating, less fuel energy is used when compared with traditional technologies. EPA estimates a typical home in a cold climate could reduce CO2 emissions by 20�30% with a Micro-CHP system by offsetting electricity purchases from the grid.

Would a Micro-CHP system be right for me?

Micro-CHP systems are most cost–effective in regions with colder climates and high electricity prices. Although initially more expensive than traditional solutions, micro CHP systems save you money while they operate by offsetting your electricity costs throughout the winter months. Cold areas of the country with longer run hours will get a better return on investment. If your state has net metering laws that allow you to sell electricity that you generate back to the grid, you can earn even more! Be sure to check with your vendor about system costs, maintenance, and estimated savings based on your home or office�s electricity rates and heating needs.

What criteria do recognized models meet?

Recognized micro–CHP systems meet strict criteria for efficiency, noise, emissions, and performance. In addition to submitting laboratory test results, products had to be monitored in the field for a minimum of one year to be eligible for recognition. �View the eligibility criteria PDF (66KB)