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ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award

The ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award:

  • Recognizes innovative products that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Advances promising technologies that may not yet meet key principles associated with categories eligible for the ENERGY STAR label (e.g. broadly available, proven and cost-effective to the consumer) or may be relatively more complex to properly install and operate.
  • Raises the profile of products, helping to build demand so cost may ultimately be reduced and availability broadened.
  • Is an annual award given to products that meet rigorous performance criteria in 1–2 select categories per year.

Benefits of the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award:

  • Recognition. Award winners will be featured on website and will have the opportunity to promote their accomplishments in product literature and marketing materials in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • Match-making. With over 17,000 partners in dozens of sectors, ENERGY STAR and EPA are uniquely placed to help match award winners with partners interested in emerging efficient technologies.
  • Barrier removal. All emerging technologies face barriers to wider market acceptance. In some cases, EPA may be able to help companies develop strategies to overcome these barriers.

How Award Categories are Selected

Award categories are selected through a transparent stakeholder process that evaluates technologies based on the following criteria. The technology must be:

  • Commercially available, but not widely adopted (<5% market share)
  • Offered by more than one supplier
  • Demonstrated in environmental performance; third party verified
  • Likely to significantly reduce greenhouse gases at competitive costs
  • Environmentally acceptable (technology use is a net plus for the environment)
  • Supported by capable partners who are adequately financed with established business records
  • Well matched to EPA/ENERGY STAR competencies and appropriate roles

As first step, EPA seeks nominations from manufacturers and stakeholders for product categories. Next, EPA develops performance requirements for those products, and seeks applications from manufacturers. Manufacturers can be ENERGY STAR partners, but it is not a requirement, EPA is equally interested in working with smaller companies that are just coming to market with new products. Finally, after announcing the award winners, EPA works with manufacturing partners to help break down market barriers to wider adoption of the technologies.

For more information, please email emergingtech@energystar.gov.