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Whole Home Energy Savings

Anthony D.

I make small changes in hopes to make a little difference. more

Steven R.

This allows a full layer of attic insulation to reach all the way out to the eaves. more

Karen W.

I replaced the seals on all doors leading into the house from the outside and garage. more

Jana H.

We have planted over 600 trees and bushes on our property. more

Janet M.

This past spring we had siding, rain gutters with covers and new thermal windows installed. more

Debbie B.

I have spent my life protecting the environment and have taught my three children to do the same. more


This year alone I have replaced all eleven windows in my home. more

Gina M.

We make sure we only wash clothes when we have full loads. more

Nina S.

This past spring we had siding, rain gutters with covers, and new thermal windows installed. more

Ann Marie I.

Last week we had solar panels installed on the roof. more

Calleen and Dave

We became volunteers for the recycling program in our county. more

Tracy F.

As an owner/builder I designed and built an energy efficient home. more

Brian G.

I installed power-sensing power strips for our computer and entertainment system. more

Ron Z.

We are replacing a steel front entrance door with an ENERGY STAR qualified door. more

Kathryn H.

I replaced 1950s aluminum single-pane windows with triple-pane windows. more


I first started by tearing off all the old siding on our house. more

Jones L.

We dry our laundry either on the clothesline outdoors or inside the house in winter time. more

Elaine C.

We removed old siding and added insulation and new siding to our home. more

Donald P.

We have replaced 5 single-pane windows with double-pane windows with blinds to keep the sunlight out. more

Kurt J.

We dry our laundry either on the clothesline outdoors or inside the house in winter time. more

Sheree P.

We unplug our flat screen TVs when they are not in use. more

Colleen M.

I purchased a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator and clothes washer last year. more


Since we live in Florida, I purchased an energy-efficient dehumidifier to get rid of extra humidity. more

Bob L.

We've done many of the obvious things around the house: switching to CFLs, only turning on lights that we need, using a programmable thermostat, putting outside lights on motion sensors, and only doing full loads in the dish and clothes washers. more

Adam L.

I set the washer for high spin to reduce the amount of water left in the clothes before they go in the dryer. more

Jeannie C.

I have purchased a showerhead with a shutoff feature to save water while I lather up. more

Dawn B.

I made the following changes to my house: sealed air leaks, blew in insulation, eliminated drafts, replaced all hard wired light fixtures with LCD bulbs, and replaced electric heat with seamless wood stove. more

Kathleen N.

I have Solar PV on my roof, net metered, and all my appliances are ENERGY STAR. more

James D.

I insulated the area between the top of the basement wall and the floor of the home, and sealed areas where pipes or conduit enter into the home. more

Janet C.

WIn the last few years we have really made an effort to make our home energy efficient. more


Any appliances we have purchased for years are ENERGY STAR rated. more

Carol R.

We remodeled our home with a new roof, windows, central air/heat and a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator and dishwasher in the updated kitchen. more


We use CFLs, installed low flow showerheads in our showers, bought a front loading washer, and a low slow faucet in the kitchen. more


All lighting in the house is now either CFL or LED to reduce costs. more

Robert F.

A while back I needed to replace a water heater and a dishwasher at the same time and I decided to buy the most energy efficient models. more

Susan H.

At our last house we also replaced all the windows, exterior doors, roof and added insulation in the attic and one bedroom. more


I installed attic energy barrier insulation in my house. more

Loretta R.

We began our journey to improve the energy efficiency in our home in 2007 when we purchased an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator and clothes washer. more


We added R-19 insulation in the walls, a radiant barrier at the rafters, and chose all ENERGY STAR appliances. more

David B.

We began by replacing our kitchen and laundry appliances with a suite of new, ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. more


The interior lighting is now mostly compact fluorescent lighting. more

Donna C.

We keep the temperature in our house set to 75, have the air conditioner and air vents cleaned, and have changed all of our bulbs to CFLs. more

Bill C.

I�ve set my TV, cable box, and video and audio components that have a standby power mode on power strips that are turned off when not in use. more

John R.

I replaced all my exterior windows last year with energy-efficient windows. more

Craig P.

For years my wife and I have used compact fluorescent bulbs in our house and have added insulation, new windows, and sealed air leaks. more


We do not use our air conditioner very much now. I replaced the thermostat with a seven day programmable one, and we set our thermostat no higher than 67 in the winter. more

Angelo A.

I have improved my home�s energy efficiency by sealing air leaks around windows and doors. more

Debbie D.

I installed a new air conditioning system, insulated my house, and added new energy-efficient windows to my 85-year-old home. more

Katrina P.

Even our HVAC is ENERGY STAR qualified as well as all of our appliances and of course all the light bulbs! more

Smaragda G.

Three or four years ago the appliances started failing one by one and all were replaced with new ENERGY STAR appliances. more

Steve J.

We have performed a restoration of existing windows, insulation of exterior walls and selected interior walls with foam insulation, renovation of HVAC systems and crawl space, and ENERGY STAR appliances and lighting. more


We had to replace our heat and air, so we replaced it with the highest efficiency furnace. more

Krista D.

Since our arrival, 29 of the windows have been replaced and covered with light-allowing material. The roof (including plywood) has been replaced, and the two chimneys have been taken down to below roof-line. more

Alice L.

We began by insulating our attic beyond the building code minimums, up to R-42. more

Jean L.

The ceiling fan will use chandelier-based CFL bulbs, outdoor flood lights will be on a timer, and a storm door will be added to the front entrance. more

Jean B.

We changed all of our indoor lighting to compact fluorescent lighting and installed new low-e vinyl windows. more

Doris W.

This summer my husband pulled up the floors that he could not crawl under and insulated them. more

Jim V.

All 19 windows have been replaced this season, as well as two energy-efficient exterior doors. more

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