Timothy T.

When purchasing those products, we will buy local products. more


I hang all my clothes outside to dry on clotheslines. more

Marsha M.

By recycling, we've reduced the amount of trash we send to the dump. more

Adrienne W.

The server I chose to host my business' website runs entirely on solar panels. more

Neha V.

I am continuing to influence and motivate others to do as I am. more

Darrell R.

For transportation, I don't own a car (by choice) so I get around by biking, walking, or busing. more

Shiquitta R.

I have stopped purchasing paper plates, and to reduce garbage I try to purchase only recycled containers. more

Vickie L.

We wear sweatshirts, pants, and slippers to compensate for lowering the temperature inside the house. more


I tightened the screws and used duct tape to stop any leaks in the duct work. more

Melissa D.

I have always been the "green type.� more

Candi B.

We teach our kids not to run the water when brushing their teeth. more

Peter S.

I power washed the entire house to identify any cracks in the stucco, removed existing caulking, and re-caulked all windows and stucco penetrations. more

Cheryl K.

I was taught to turn off the lights when you�re not using them. more

Sunita P.

When I use the oven to cook in the winter, I leave the oven door slightly ajar so that the heat warms up the kitchen. more

Sol Architecture and Partners LLC

We installed energy window film in our windows that receive the most light and heat gain during the day. more

Lillian D.

Since we've signed up with Windricity, our electric bill has so far been cut in half. more


Last fall I had my house repainted, and the painters did an excellent job of caulking around all windows, filling cracks and even adding a spot of caulk everywhere on my siding where a nail was used. more


We use our own shopping bags everywhere we shop. more

Cookie J.

I shut the blinds on the side of the house that get lots of sun and open the blinds on the side of the house for nature light instead of turning on lights. more


We compost our yard waste so we only have a small shopping bag of garbage to throw away each week and our veggie garden loves the compost and worm castings. �more

Namkoong K.

Most time in early Summer mornings, the air is cool, so I open the all windows. more


In an effort to minimize my family’s environmental impact, we have reduced the number of shopping trips we make by car. more

Amy D.

At home I recycle and compost everything I can and I have my own garden. more

Bruce B.

I created The CD Recycling Center of America. more

Mark B.

Realizing how much my pool filter pump runs, I conducted an energy-saving experiment on my own pool. more

William B.

I am working with our church to get our 100 gallon water heater replaced with an on-demand water heater. more

Glenn N.

My uncle and I developed a program that powers off all computers in our district that are left on each night. more


I reuse large plastic jars with tight snap or screw-on lids to store all my bulk items if they don't get recycled. more

Dee A.

I now hang my clothes outside to dry. more


I removed all of the grass in my front yard and then removed approximately 7 cubic yards of soil to correct the contour. more

Kennedy Middle School

Five small groups of students gave a 5-10 minute presentation to different decision making groups in the community including; the Kiwonas, two different Rotary groups, the City of Kankakee�s City Council, Kankakee County�s County Board, Kankakee School District #111�s School Board, as well as several other groups. more

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

As an ENERGY STAR Partner and pledge driver we encourage our staff to let the community know about our program and help us increase our number pledges. more

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

In the fall of 2008, MEEA partnered with both local and national sponsors to host a two-day family event at Chicago�s Navy Pier. more

VA New England

To promote the pledge, the four New England Energy Managers held �Change the World� employee events at 11 VA Medical Centers in New England, with personal, face-to-face outreach about the benefits of saving energy. more

City of Long Branch

The City of Long Branch, NJ, through the Mayor�s Energy Committee, utilized two avenues to reach the public and get them involved in the Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign, as well as generally raising public awareness of the importance of saving energy and conserving our natural resources. more

Russell M.

I recycle aluminum and turn off lights.

Maisie T.

I very rarely use a clothes dryer and dry clothes outside mostly.

William B.

My proposal is to replace both water tanks with an on demand water heater that should result in energy savings of as much as 90%. more

Steve R.

I also started a renewable/energy efficiency program at Greenfield Community College to help make the necessary changes for the environment. more


I cut down on my consumption of water, especially when brushing my teeth. more

Pat K.

The biggest difference is using power strips for my computer, monitor, printer, TV, DVD player and all my small appliances that "sleep" after being shut off. more


Our energy company had an energy audit performed on our business. more

William C.

We caulked around all the doors and windows as well as added more insulation. more

Thomas I.

I'm the last to leave the office on certain days and I usually go around and turn off all computer monitors, space fans, printers, copiers, and the office lights when I leave. more

Mario T.

We have also put all of our electrical devices on power strips so that whenever they are not in use we can completely turn them off, and thereby save energy by not building up "phantom" charges. more


I placed curtains with lining over my windows which hold the heat in the house in the winter. more

Bill G.

Since March of 2007 I have given away over 2,500 energy-efficient CFLs. While I continue to give away free CFLs almost every day. more

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